Staff Support

Our full time staff are asked to raise 50% of their salary and our summer staff to raise 100% of their pay to keep the cost down for our campers. Please keep in mind that our full time staff and summer staff need monthly supporters or one time gifts.

General Fund

This helps with day to day operating expenses. Since we are a non-denominational camp, we do not have any financial backing from any particular denomination or organization.


Lone Tree has operated over the last 40 years with God’s provision and guidance. This fund is to provide the ability to give beyond our lifetimes.

We can now accept stocks, bonds, and land through our endowment fund. For more information please contact our office at 575.354.3322

Special Projects
This helps with adding new activities and facilities along with maintaining them.

This is for local kids as well as any family who needs assistance. We never want to turn away a kid from the opportunity to experience camp.

    • A donation of $300 will help 1 child attend camp
    • A donation of $600 will help 2 children attend camp

Thank you for your generosity, as a result we were able to give out $14,194 in camper scholarships in 2021!